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Calyx Point Central

It is easy to use CalyxTools with Calyx Point Central. Our non-intrusive and completely secure solution installs in about 15 minutes. A comprehensive administration panel allows you to completely configure your CalyxTools solution to best meet your unique needs.

Calyx Path

CalyxTools completely supports Calyx Path – Calyx’s latest cloud-based loan origination system. CalyxTools requires no installation and our comprehensive administration panel allows you to configure your solution to best meet your unique needs.

Automated Reporting at your Fingertips

Staying ahead of every loan in the pipeline and consistently maintaining regulatory compliance are two of the biggest challenges most loan companies face. CalyxTools tackles and eliminates this challenge in a big way, providing you with daily automated reporting of every critical area of delivery, including New Applications, Rate Lock Expirations, Loans in Process, and Funding Status, just to name a few.

These critical reports arrive in your inbox each day, allowing you to identify and correct any areas of concern before they become a problem.

Simplified Payroll Data

Calculating and processing payroll in a busy mortgage office can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned payroll clerk. From loan officers, to processors, to loan assistants, and managers, as well as all the various commissions, overrides, pay schedules, and add-ons – there can be many different pay structures that need to be calculated.

CalyxTools streamlines this process by providing a comprehensive payroll data collection system that you easily set up and control. It allows you to create unique pay structures for everyone on your team, and it calculates and creates comprehensive and concise spreadsheets that show you exactly what each person’s gross earnings will be.

Our Services

CalyxTools offers consulting and a variety of other services to clients who need help improving processes related to successfully running their mortgage company. Just ask us for more details.

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