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CalyxTools Payroll Data Collection

Understanding that payroll and who to pay what and when in a brokerage can be a nightmare, CalyxTools provides a proven, data driven approach to L.O. and support personnel compensation to greatly reduce the time typically expended in data collection and calculation.

At CalyxTools, we understand that paying your employees can be complicated enough just with taxes, withholdings and everything else that goes into processing a payroll. While CalyxTools is not a payroll system, it does calculate for you all your pay on a structure you define. CalyxTools Payroll Data Collection is just that, it collects and presents in spreadsheet form all the data you require to process a payroll.

Instead of spending hours gathering data for L.O. loan bonuses, you can build a Loan Officer compensation plan and have it calculated for you, presented in a spreadsheet in an easy to understand format. Bonus plans for other personnel based on tiers, overall performance, bonused on production of an L.O., etc. can all be defined and ran either with each payroll, monthly or both. A person can even be defined multiple times, with different compensation plans, based on the role they are performing on the loan. Manager bonuses? They too can be configured to calculate off the Loan Officers they are managing to provide for override bonus pay.

The CalyxTools Payroll Data Collection tool is more than just a huge time saver, it also provides for historical access to who got paid for what loans and when, helping once again to keep you informed.

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