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Who We Are

CalyxTools was built on the foundation of being able to assist mortgage lenders, brokers, bankers, processors, underwriters and loan officers by automating a number of tasks that provide them with the tools and data they need in a timely and consisent manner.

While working with a number of mortgage clients, all running the popular Calyx Loan Origination System, we built out a number of very useful reporting and data collection processes that we have assembled into the CalyxTools package. These tools provide valuable, timely information that help keep you in compliance, keep your loans moving throught the pipeline and allow you to stay on top of your business instead of always playing catch up.

Realizing that data security was second to nothing, all of our processes were built using the latest security principals, double key encryption systems and secure web APIs. No loan data is stored on our servers as we only recall data when needed, never record it to storage and employ all the latest cloud storage, including at rest encryption of any configuration data.

Why choose Us


We're professionals at what we do. We understand the problems you face in the mortgage industry and are here to help by providing you with timely data and time saving processes.


We understand the mortgage industry. From the application to the disclosures, from processing to underwriting to the closing table, we're here to help by keeping you informed so that you can keep loans moving forward.


We're not new at this. Having worked with numerous mortgage clients over the past few decades, we've learned and provided what is needed. The tools we provide are based on those years of industry experience.

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