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CalyxTools Automated Reporting

Keeping you informed of your brokerage needs so that you can react before missing an opportunity or a loan becomes a problem is one of the foundations of CalyxTools.

CalyxTools offers a variety of automated notifications and reports that assist you with your daily operations and help to keep you in compliance. Need to know new applications that were entered yesterday to ensure all RESPA docs have been sent out properly? Every morning you can receive an email listing all new applications, sent to the email(s) of your choice, to ensure that everything is correct and responded to.

Lock expiration problems can become a thing of the past when you’re notified in advance that they are about to expire, set to any number of days of your choosing and emailed to management, processing and loan officers. Concerned with your daily pipeline of loans and where they stand? The Loans In Process spreadsheet delivered via email every morning gives you all the information you need to start the day informed. Along with the File Status spreadsheet, Closer Approvals email and others, critical data that is needed to operate your brokerage is at your disposal every day.

All of the CalyxTools reports are completely configurable, run only against the data of your choosing and can be ran at any time on-demand should the need arise. And best of all, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure and delivered only to you and who you choose.

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