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Calyx Path Support

Calyx Path is the newest offering from Calyx providing for an extensive cloud based solution for loan origination and processing and will provide an exceptional platform for the future of loan origination.

Calyx Path is the cloud-based LOS engineered for mid-tier to large, enterprise-level financial institutions or mortgage bankers. Providing an extensive set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs), CalyxTools leverages these to retrieve real time data for processing. Installation and configuration for CalyxTools to use Path is a snap as all that is required are a few setup answers and CalyxTools can begin processing data from the Path system

At CalyxTools, we continually are working with Calyx to ensure that the Path APIs and interface provides the information you need. Best of all, if you’re a current PDS user of CalyxTools and make the switch to Path, all that is required is a reconfiguration and the same reports and emails that you’re used to will generate from the new system.

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