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Calyx Point Data Server (PDS) / Point Central Support

Calyx Point is by far one of the premiere Loan Origination Systems in use today and has been servicing the mortgage industry for many years and is made even stronger through the use of Calyx PDS to centralize data storage, rules, maintenance and permissions. CalyxTools greatly extends PDS by providing automated data reporting that gets emailed to you directly and payroll data collection to ease payroll processing.

Our CalyxTools API system installs along side your existing Calyx PDS installation and does not in any way interfer with any operation of the system and presents minimal system load. All that is required for installation is the addition of a small API system into your existing Windows server that is running IIS (where your PDS runs from) and adding a few Point variables to the custom variable list. The entire operation typically takes less than 15 minutes for our team to install and configure.

And do not worry, our API is extremely secure, can only communicate with our approved servers, employs a double key timed encryption system, can not process any query that could harm your data in any way (all verbs that SQL uses, such as UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, TRUNCATE, etc. have all be excluded) and can only process data queries that we register in our administration system. Once the API extention is installed in your system, everything else can be configured from our adminstration system, so no need to worry if anything changes such as passwords, database name, etc.

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